Corp 2 Corp Collaboration

We offer placement of in-house consultants that fit your specific requirements. No matter the size of the project we can place a single position, or offer a team of professionals that have worked together consulting with other fortune 500 corporations on similar projects. Our unique collaboration with your senior leadership allows a direction to be given to a lead project manager and our team will do the rest. Our teams will focus on your requirements and detail the scope of the implementation. We believe that during the early discovery process that an assigned enterprise architect can help guide industry standards so that your project plan can be accurate and avoid scope or timeline creep. Once an architecture is decided, a blueprint, and logical diagram of your particular environment will be produced along with a specific bill of materials list. Subject matter experts will provide specific details and timelines to formulate the most accurate project plan with the project manager. Once the scope, architecture, and project plan is presented to your senior management work will commence upon approval. During this entire process our project lead will report up particular toll gates that have been completed. If your environment requires thousands of servers we will recommend a CMDB and workflow so that once your environment is implemented and operational in a Production status, monitoring and service management ease of use is accomplished. Our experience spans a simple 350.00 web site up to huge data center migrations costing upwards of 750 million dollars. We have seen some major expensive mistakes and we do not want you to make the same.

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